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Do you want your customers, employees and investors to have a stronger connection with your company? Discover, craft and communicate your story with the help of us: De Hollandsche Meesters. You deserve to growYou are an expert in your field. You have a solution that makes the world a better place. You want to conquer the world and make impact launching a new product or service. Or you already have customers, but you know there is more potential. Increase your visibility. Create more opportunities. Your unique story can make it all happen. Lay the foundation to make a difference!If you want to take your company to the next level, you first need to define the essence of your company. From that brand core, develop your unique story and translate it into storylines that allow you to inform, inspire, and engage with conviction and consistency. This way, you build a distinctive company with a unique proposition and a positive reputation. How does your story help?Simply put: Your story connects you with your audience and empowers you in a competitive business environment. Because through your story, people understand and feel what you stand for, what you have to offer and become enthusiastic about it.

Practical customization

PracticalWorking with us means that we brainstorm, assist and actively participate. We are practical in our approach. We organize and facilitate workshops, provide advice, ideas and inspiration, create deliverables and coach you throughout the process and during implementation. CustomizationWe always start with the big picture and gradually zoom in on details. We focus on what's important to achieve your goals. Every company is unique, and so is our approach, always tailored. Depending on the magnitude of your need, the team involved, we adjust the approach, making it shorter or longer, smaller or larger.


Our model

Program - Part 1

Getting your story... - Discover and craftDuring a series of workshops, we discover and craft the unique story that defines your company. The outcomes are summarized in a concise text document and visualized in several audiovisual materials, such as a video storyline, a Q&A podcast and a Pitch Slidedeck. This provides a solid foundation and practical tools to strengthen your marketing, communication and sales in Part 2. Modules (Workshops, creation en coaching)
  • Mapping trends, market and strategy
  • Describing your audience
  • Discovering the essence of your brand
  • Developing your unique story
  • Marketing and communication check-up

Program - Part 2

Getting your story work for you – CommunicateNow that you have your unique story, what's the next step? Communicating your story convincingly and consistently! But that's easier said than done. Your story not only needs to be accurate, well-structured, and informative, inspiring, and activating, it also has to be communicated consistently, credibly and professionally. And it has to stick. It's just like in the movies: Some stay with you, while others don't. In Part 2 of our program, we focus on enhancing your marketing, communication and sales by addressing all these facets. Modules (Workshops, creation en coaching)
  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Marketing and communication Plan
  • Website and interaction channels
  • Marketing and communication actions

Bring your story to life
 With effective marketing 

Bring your story to life

 With effective marketing 


Getting your story to work for you

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