We bring your story to lifewith effective marketing, communication and sales


Our vision:No Story No Glory

The world is constantly evolving, and this applies to businesses that want to remain relevant as well. We firmly believe that every company needs a unique story that is convincingly and consistently communicated through marketing, communication and sales. With this, they hold a crucial key to building a distinctive company and gaining strong brand recognition: Because a unique story sets you apart. It reaches people. Empowers you. Launches ideas. Drives growth. Leads to success and allows you to take pride. Daring to make differenceWe believe in powerful ideas that make a difference and in entrepreneurial individuals who put them into practice. Ideas that are simple and striking enough to create positive, lasting change. Our work revolves around creating long-term impact. Creative, energetic and positiveWe are creative and energetic, approaching the world and our clients with a curious, positive outlook. We provide support with personal commitment and dedication.

What we do

We think, assist, and actively participate in the following areas:
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Business Development
  • Communication
  • Corporate Storytelling
  • Creation
  • Marketing and Sales

Bring your story to life

 With effective marketing 

Bring your story to life

 With effective marketing 

Our origin story

Once upon a time, there were three ambitious individuals ... It was in the summer of 2011 when word artist Marcel, visual builder Peter, and networking expert Xander joined forces from Studio Zuidas in Amsterdam under the name De Hollandsche Meesters. We shared the same vision of entrepreneurship and the importance of corporate storytelling. Simultaneously, we recognized the potential of the then-mystical realm of Social Media in the context of B2B. We felt the urgency to develop a unique offering to tell, visualize, and disseminate corporate stories via social media: "Getting your story to work for you" became the mantra with which we embarked on a journey to conquer the world together. Discovering what works Over the years, we discovered how Social Media rapidly transformed the way 'we' experience corporate stories: they could be more concise, consistent, convincing, professional, modern, fresh and appealing! We learned more quickly which stories make a difference and why, and how to smartly bring them to the right audience's attention. Strong vision Now, 12 years later and after more than 100 assignments, we continue to do essentially the same with De Hollandsche Meesters, guided by the same convictions. We assist ambitious B2B companies in discovering, crafting and communicating their stories because we believe that a unique corporate story is a crucial key to success, or in other words: No story No glory! What's your story? And so, we ask you: What's your story? Do you still stand by it? Is it effective? Is it understood? Does it align with your customers' expectations and drive purchases? Does it inspire employees to come and stay? Does it convince investors to join you? Does it set you apart from the competition? Our advice: Get your story to work for you If you feel that your story needs improvement and that the way you share it with your audience through marketing, communication and sales can be enhanced, we are here to assist you: 'Getting your story to work for you.'


Getting your story to work for you


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